Attention and Protection of Migrants


It is the center where comprehensive and immediate care is provided to returnees from Mexico. This center is located in the Quiñonez neighborhood of San Salvador, usually known as “La Chacra”.

The address is made up of the Returns Receiving Center, where land returns from Mexico and air returns from the United States are received daily.


In the same location, there are also the facilities of the Center for Integral Attention to Migrants (CAIM), a building that serves as a shelter for foreign migrants who are in an irregular situation and who are provided with the necessary conditions during the shelter while they are returned to your country of origin. The care and protection of foreigners who are in an irregular situation in El Salvador is the responsibility of the Directorate for Attention to Migrants.

The Comprehensive Care Center for Migrants was created with the purpose of establishing the guidelines and parameters for the administrative safeguard of people who do not comply with the migratory regulations established in El Salvador, within its functions the following are mentioned:

  • Provide comprehensive care to foreigners with irregular immigration status, with a focus on respect for human rights, solving their basic personal and health needs, and execute the migration administrative process corresponding to each case.
  • Provide foreigners with irregular immigration status, assistance with the right to a legal hearing, to carry out a fast and secure administrative due process.
  • Manage access to consular care, as part of the legal approach, Coordinating the attendance of consular interviews so that foreigners are identified by a provisional document, and receive direct support from their respective embassies and consul.
  • Facilitate migrants access to medical assistance in case it is necessary to accompany and offer to transfer them to the most immediate health center in order to safeguard their health.
  • Coordinate and house Salvadorans by air and land in a state of vulnerability, that for different reasons cannot move to their place of residence.

The Director of Attention to Migrants, Ana Solórzano, has a Degree in International Relations and a Master’s in Public Management, Security and Justice.

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