The Number of Venezuelans Applying for Political Asylum in the United States Continues to Increase

In which cases do Venezuelans qualify for Political asylum in the United States?

In order to qualify as a “refugee” and to be able to request political asylum in the United States, Venezuelan citizens must meet certain requirements that serve as evidence to corroborate that they are in danger in their country. It is not enough to argue that Venezuela is in conflict or generalized crisis, since this is not a sufficient reason.

Clear and concrete evidence of the risk to the individual of continuing to live in Venezuela must be presented, whether due to death threats, attacks, attempted homicides against him or his family, torture, kidnappings, imprisonment, among others.

A political asylum is quite difficult to win without the advice and accompaniment of an immigration attorney, many people believe that due to the fact that the country is in crisis they will easily achieve residence in the United States, and unfortunately it is not that simple .

The immigration lawyer is in charge of gathering all the necessary documentation, evidence, the statement that is accompanied by the political asylum and correctly prepares the Venezuelan for the questions that will be asked in the interview with the government and immigration of the United States.

The requirements for the affirmative asylum process are:

  • Must be present in the United States, asylum can be requested upon arrival at a port of entry or at the border, in this case it does not matter the legal status, nor how you entered the United States.
  • If you do not ask for it when you entered the United States, you must do so within one year, although there is an exception to this rule, in case of passing the time limit, but in your country of origin there is a regime change that puts the person in danger, this person can apply for asylum.
  • If the person has immediate family members, they can include them in the petition and they must also appear in the interview.
  • You must present the required documentation requested by the Immigration and Citizenship Service.

If asylum in the USA is approved, you can live and work in the United States, obtain a Social Security Number and acquire a driver’s license.

Get advice from an immigration attorney and avoid making mistakes on your petition.

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